Green Energy Fund- Updated Incentives for Solar-PV and Other Updates

DNREC’s Division of Energy & Climate has announced changes to the Green Energy Fund grant program for Delmarva Power residential customers. 

The following updates have been made to the Green Energy Fund Program effective 12/01/2016:
1. Incentives have been eliminated for solar lease/PPA projects (this is for all revenue types: residential, non-residential, and non-profit).
2. The maximum grant amount for residential customer-owned systems has decreased to $3,000 at an incentive rate of $0.50/watt up to 50 kW.
3. Energy audits will no longer be required for non-residential and non-profit existing construction projects. Energy audits are still required for residential projects. See the below incentive rate schedule for further information on the changing incentives:

Start Date End Date Market Incentive per Watt Maximum Incentive
0-5kW 5-50kW
9/21/2015 11/30/2016 residential $0.55 $0.20 $3,300
9/21/2015 11/30/2016 lease/PPA Flat incentive: $1,000/project $1,000
9/21/2015 TBD* non-residential Flat incentive: $3,000/project $3,000
9/21/2015 TBD* non-profit $1.50 $0.75 $41,250
12/01/2016 TBD residential $0.50/watt up to 50 kW $3,000
12/01/2016 TBD All lease/PPA No Incentive $0
* No changes have been made to incentives for non-residential or non-profit solar projects. Please note that no changed have been made to the incentive level of the SEU Upfront Purchase Program ($0.45/Watt) and lease/PPA systems can still apply for the SEU Upfront Purchase Program.